Del tutto regolare approfittare di una cosa di questo genere in una gara, anche di una caduta, ma è certo che  è il modo più facile per ottenere antipatie. Questo video fa capire chi è il campione tra i due? A voi la parola…

9 Responses to “BAD LUCK”

  1. better to say A.C. may regret his move today if something similar happens to him in this year’s tdf or next…?

    AC made no friends today. not sure there is a “right/perfect” way to handle such an issue but always better to have friends in the peloton.

  2. pipegang Says:

    I think that this is the dark side of the game: somebody win some other lose and finally doesn’t matter how. Conatador probably knows that Andy can kick his ass, and that’s all. One good question could be : if the chain problem happen to Contador what Andy would do??? ( sorry for my shitty English)
    I’m not with Contador , he’s not really funny, but a race is a race.

  3. @Frank

    “In Cycling, Winning With Honor Means Everything”.

  4. Contador is finally wearing the right color, because he is a “yellow” coward!

    Go Andy!!!!!!!!

  5. I have no doubt that it’s part of the game/sport and that we can’t wait when a rider has a problem with the gearing, falls down, has a stomache… cause it would be simply imposible to manage the race. I think that Contador is simply scared of Andy, even if they’ll finish with a 50km TT. Infact I think it was an instinctive reaction, we just saw the weakness and just keept going as fast as posible. Then we has probably thought about it, but what was he supposed to do at that moment, let the others go and wait Andy? We could discuss forever about it, but I’m sure that we’ll all agree if I say that one of the nicest things of cycling is the big quantity of etics that are involved, and for sure, there won’t be any glory without unglorious actions. Hasn’t been nice, but it was for sure cycling. Is within the rules, so then we can only wonder what would we personally do in that case. Just wonder cause very few does really know this.

  6. I wrote “we” to say contator a couple of times. I better go to bed

  7. Non penso che Andy sia il più adatto quando si parla di FairPlay. Guardate solo come son andati le tappe 2(Bruxelles Spa) e 3(Wanze Arenberg Porte du Hainaut).

    Vogliamo spettacolo, cassino, polemica…tutto e benvenuto!

    Adesso può essere che tutto sia diventato ancora più interessante, perche Andy è costretto a scattare da lungo.

    Come on Andy! Come on!

    P.S.: Cadel is the king!

  8. io sto con andy……
    qualcuno ha detto giro della morte?

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