The Colnago Concept was a radical new idea that failed largely because it was too heavy. The bike was developed with help from Enzo Ferrari. Its various innovations included three spoke carbon wheels, hydraulic brakes, and of course the transmission. The transmission was contained just below the teeth of the chain ring. “The transmission was enclosed in a light alloy chain guard shaped to fit closely around the chain rings. From the outside the chain guard didn’t rotate at the same speed as the pedal spindle as the gear ratios were obtained from a series of smaller cogs contained within the chain guard.” (Photo: Unaestethic, Flickr. Comment: Oldtheforest, Flickr)

I like to find out about the history of the italian bicycle industry, is always good to know where do we come from. Is amazing the quantity of solutions that have been tried in the course of bicycle design history and is good to bear them in mind, even if they make me quite conservative designwise! I’m getting italianized? While looking at my fixgear in front on me, I can say -no- still not.

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