The pipe gang polo tournament on Sunday was HOT : 35°dergees, burning thirst of beers, beautiful bikes and a peaceful location for a friendly atmosphere.
People from Turin (w l’ammiraglia!), Vicenza, Fano, Basel, Karlsrueh and of course Milan came numerous to the event. Thanks everybody!

Here’s the 9 teams:

Pipe gang
Stella rossa (enzo, the little fellow with the orange bike, rules!)
Torino polo
Riding in circle
BikePolo Karlsrueh
No name
A.t.t. Reale
Resto del mondo

The 12 games were compelling and funny: big falls due to the slippery pavement, Rocken and Cook as official commentators/referees with their crazy megaphones made the public laugh all the time, background music from new rocco’s invention, bozzo and his wild behaviors and our professional palestinian photographer frank took amazing pics of the players.

Nobody got hurt fortunately, but otru’s frame has fucked up ???

BIKEpolo Karlrueh, the german team, won the tourney followed by NO NAME and RIDING CIRCLE got third place.
As a no sponsor event, the prize giving were medals with a challange cup for the best player ( Hannes Hengst) and a free dinner at the cook restaurant right, of course, a warm shower of beer!

Very chilling day, thank you all!


Check the pictures here. More picture from frenk, danka, ico.

One Response to “IT WAS HOT!!”

  1. Ortu was fucked up himself, and then he fucked up the frame

    If it hadn’t been that nice day I would have shoot myself. A hard nice day.

    I love you all guys, you saved me!

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