last saturday some of us visited bologna to partecipate at the first alleycat that has ever been organized there. the weather was beautifull and it was a great excuse for us to go and visit our good friends Ciaba and Richard that were organizing the event. the first thing you always have to do whan you get to travel  in Italy is to stop by a restorant and have a good pranzo with your friends. that’s exactly what we immediately did as soon as we parked the cars and re-assembled our bikes. on the way there it happened to meet a lot of friends of us travelling on the same time by chance, so we ended up in a nice big group eating together right before the race. at the meeting point a really beautifull crowd of colourfull riders gatered in a square near the park, chatting, meeting old and new friends from all over the peninsula and getting excited for the ride. well… you know, an alleycat! personally I was pretty excited too because this was the first alleycat I could partecipate after the accident I had in December and I was even riding as an out of town. bim bum bam, si parte. the manifest was simple and well made: 8 check points, including the arrival. I started writing on my brand new Bologna map all the stops and makeing the track with mi hermano basco Ortu and than riding fast and concentrated… well probably not enough, as we got lost before the second check point. right there we separated and I went on my own alone. on the way we had to eat falafel and ride up on the colli (hills) bolognesi.

alla fine della fiera I arrived right behind the very first group… not bad 🙂 but the very best of the day was yet to come as we have all been covered of pretty prizes! yeeeeeee and than we made other great new friens (supa I love you!)

3 Responses to “BOLOGNA – THE COGS & KEBABS ALLEYCAT by Dade”

  1. charlie Says:

    bellissima sta foto! sembra arrivare dritta dritta “d’allora”! ma basta co sto nglese! bravi tutti voi. avanti tutta.

  2. se scrivete ancora ciaba col “ch” vi faccio fare un suplex da richard 😀

    btw, bella per il post
    vi vogliamo bene
    alla prossima

  3. pipegang Says:

    Faremo in modo che non si verifichi più.
    Much love from milano to bolo…

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