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The Making Of “Pipe Gang Short Video”

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Bike Polo – Shots by Alan Müller

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Assolutamente da non perdere la gita sui colli lucchesi con refrigerio marittimo a Livorno. Partenza da Milano(in macchina) 11/04/09 ore 24:00 c/o Ristorante “Casa tua” Via Muratori ang. Via Corio. Pernottamento nel castello del Cook a Lucca. Non dimenticatevi il sacco a pelo, il costume, e la “bisciletta”.

Natale con i tuoi e pasqua con le PIPE GANG!


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We have had this little party last night @ DODICI headquarters…CHECK THIS OUT!

WE ARE FAMILY – by cook!

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PIPES and PROUD! We are family.



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IT’S NEVER TOO LATE they used to say…
Finally here’s some shots of the bikes preparation for the milano-torino ride.
We can admire the skills of dodi putting a rusty fork holed for his baby, breakes standing out and shit like that…”god damn guys, go to bed it’s already midnight!!”
Better than last year when someone got totally pissed and missed the start:
Anche le Pipe crescono…don’t stop pushing!


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Ciao Belli! Spring has started early this year in Italy and we have been enjoing it so bad! This week we have been joining the Milano-Torino organized by Marcello “Menthos”, for fixed gear bikes.milano-torino-percorso1He is a “Maestro” for us: one of the first been riding the streets as they were velodrome tracks here in Milano. This is the the second year of the Milano-Torino, but it’s already a classic! we have been getting ready for it douring the past few weeks, and checking our shape by going to Bergamo last week end, stright up to the old town… that was fun! but it’s an other story.
So: meeting time 5:45 am, start at 6:00… isn’t it crazy? I love it! we have been hanging around till two in the morning as usual, somebody finishing the set up of the bike (brake was mendatory) some drinking and chatting, some other being even more luky.
A 165 km ride it’s something between the most boring and the most exciting experience of my life. at the meeting we were about 35 riders and we left Milano by night.
the first part was pretty amazing: the sun was rising right at our first short stop in Abbiategrasso and the fog was covering with a thin layer the road and the rice fields (have you ever heard about “risotto alla milanese”?). the morning view is beautiful even if the landscape is completely flat in this area, but still we could see the alps in the far distance on hour right hand and even if the trees are still leaf-less, you can feel the season is changing.
people was pretty better prepared than last year and the head group was pretty crawded. unfortunately I was not in it because I’m still recovering from the car accident of dicember (do you think that I’m riding a riser bar for that much just cause I’m silly? :).
the first real stop has been right after the middle, in a bar in Morano. everybody there was eating every kind of sweets, cookies and toasts GNAM GNAM GNAM!!! the day was really really sunny and clear and it was a pleasure to ride. and the best part of the race was stil to come: in the last 35 km everibody started pushing as fast as possible!3360837354_810bed8f8d_o1
even in the very tail of the group everybody was giveing it all: I was riding as straight as I could, cuting the very center of any little town we were crossing, and the road race was suddenly transformed into an alleycat. I was feeling finally confortable by following the usual “orientation sistem” and takeing any one-way the rong way just to make it shorter.3359180519_f04a181515_o1 on the very head in the while Rocco and Ortu were stripping the paint of the rest of the group, leaving the rest of the guys wordless.3360278154_ce82387239_b Rocco  was the first there and he was so over-excited that he crossed the arrival square with a long willie with his vintage pursuit… I wish I was there to see it!
Once in Torino we met with some locals that organized a lovely aperitivo for us with wine and spumante and a deserved lunch at the university where we have been chatting for a wile.
I was dreaming about a “idromassaggio” all the way back on the train but unfortunately I discovered (after adding some 15 km more in Milano) that the gym with the sauna and the pool was closed. 😦
we liked it a lot, even if maybe our backs did not, but I guess this spring will be more common to see an event inspired on this.
Milano is in a very central point of the north of italy and visiting the lakes, the alps or the seaside it’s a pretty good excuse to ride around!